Homework Letter To Parents 3rd Grade

Dear Parents,

My name is Rose Ann Moreland and I am excited to be your child’s third grade teacher. I would like to share a bit about our classroom so that you will know what to expect this year.     

Reading: We spend 90 minutes daily on reading instruction.   This includes small group reading instruction to meet individual needs, as well as whole group reading instruction. There are five stories in each of the six units. Each week there will be a test over the skills that have been taught. The sixth week is a review and  test week. Students can access the Reading Wonders website at connected.mcgraw-hill.com. Once there, your child will use his/her lunch number followed by the letters vcs.  This is an excellent resource for your child to use each week.

Writing/Language: Each week a new grammar skill will be introduced and practiced.Typically, a short quiz will be completed over each skill. The Reading Wonders website will also provide games to review the grammar skill of the week. In addition to grammar, we will work on writing. We will spend two to three weeks on narrative, descriptive, persuasive, and expository writing. I will model the writing first. Next, we will practice writing as a class. Finally, the students will have an opportunity to practice on their own.  Grammar and spelling can be accessed through connected.mcgraw-hill.com also.

Spelling: There will not be a weekly spelling test this year. Our reading phonics skill is the same skill students practice in the spelling book. As I see your child struggling with particular words in his/her writing, I will meet with him/her individually to focus on those words.  Your child can practice spelling/phonics games on the website connected.mcgraw-hill.com.

Math: In third grade we trade classes for math in an effort to better meet individual student needs. Your child may be in Mrs. Mattick’s class with Mrs. Ellis as a co-teacher, Mrs. Curley’s class, or your child may stay in my class for math. We spend 60 minutes daily on math instruction. A typical lesson includes whole group work, independent work, and partner work. Student Reference Books (SRB) should come home daily to assist with the lesson HomeLink. Please help your child memorize the addition and subtraction facts before the end December so they will be prepared to begin memorizing multiplication facts. We will take a fact test weekly. The website http://everydaymath.uchicago.edu/parents/3rd-grade/em-at-home/ is a wonderful resource as to use as you work with your child in math this year.

Social Studies: We complete one of the four units each grading period.  They are Unit 1:  The Geography of North America and the Caribbean, Unit 2:  Celebrating Culture, Unit 3: Economics, and Unit 4: Government and Civics.  Students will have an opportunity to earn extra credit in social studies.  Extra credit assignments will be discussed with students at the beginning of each unit. These assignments are due on the day of the test.  Students will also be able to access this book using the same connected.mcgraw-hill.com used for reading.

Science/Health: We complete parts of several science chapters each grading period. In addition, we will complete two to four health chapters each grading period. Tests are usually not given over science chapters in which we only read a lesson or two. Extra credit is available for each chapter. Extra credit assignments will be discussed with students at the beginning of each chapter. These assignments are due on the day of the test. The extra credit assignments are listed  on my science page as well.

Methods of Evaluation:The grading scale adopted by the Vigo County School Board is used to determine grades. Assignments are graded based on the number correct out of the total number possible. Assignments, tests, and class participation will be used to determine a grade at the end of the grading period. Mid-term reports are sent home halfway through the second, third, and fourth grading period for those students who have dropped two letter grades or are earning a letter grade of a “D” or “F”. Grades are recorded in a computerized program and can be printed out for you if you give me 24 hour notice. A print out will always be attached to a mid-term report in which a student is earning a D or F, or has dropped two letter grades.

Homework Policy: Third grade is the year students are transitioning to more independent learners. It is important to help your child develop a homework routine this year.  Good study habits are very important.  Your child will need a Homework Folder. This folder should come home every evening and be returned to school the next day. In the folder should be your child’s homework and Agenda. The Agenda is new for third graders. The purpose of the Agenda is to help your child keep track of homework as well as the work that he/she did not get finished in class. Please sign your child’s Agenda daily. This keeps you informed of any work your child needs to finish each evening. Your child will earn 5 points on his/her point chart daily for your signature. Any unfinished assignments from the day will be placed in the folder and recorded on the Agenda. Assignments are listed on the board daily.  As we complete a subject, I place a check mark next to the assignment on the board if it was completed in class.  If the assignment could possibly be homework (students work at different rates), it is circled. Those students who need to finish the assignment for homework will write it in their Agendas. I will go over the work listed on the board before students go home each afternoon. All assignments are expected to be completed and turned in on time. Missing and late assignments will impact your child’s work study habits grade as well as the subject area grade. I do understand that at times there are unforeseen circumstances and your child is unable to complete an assignment. For this reason, I send home two parent Homework Passes for you to use at your discretion. Simply fill out the form and send it in. 

The Vigo County School Board encourages 30 minutes of homework each evening for third grade students. This 30 minute time period should include the Everyday Math HomeLink if assigned, reading, studying vocabulary words for science, health, or social studies, and practicing math facts. You can help your child by providing a set time to complete homework each evening in a quiet location. Thank you for helping your child develop important work study habits! Mastering good study habits now will help your child in the future.

Work Folder: Each week your child will bring home a work folder on Tuesday. In this folder, you will find work from the previous week and any information about upcoming events or notices from the school. Please take a few minutes to look over the work in the folder. It is your child’s responsibility to bring home every graded paper from his/her mailbox in the Tuesday folder. Please take a few minutes to discuss with your child any assignment that earned a grade of “C” or below. Looking at the grades on the papers that come home in the folder will help keep you informed of your child’s progress. There should be no surprises when report cards come home. Please contact me regarding any questions or concerns. 

Newsletters:Classroom newsletters will be emailed to you at the beginning of each month. If you would rather have a paper copy instead, please send me a note letting me know of your preference. I would be happy to send one home to you. 

State Testing: ISTEP+ will be given in two parts. The first part will begin February 29, 2016. This is the open ended response portion of the test. The second part will begin April 18. This part is the multiple choice portion of the test. I never want students to feel stressed about taking standardized tests. I will encourage students to do their best, but I will also remind students that standardized testing is just one method of finding their strengths and weaknesses. The IREAD3 test will be given March 14-18, 2016. Students who do not pass this test will participate in remediation for the last several weeks of school. In addition, they will be given the opportunity to attend 11 half days of summer school prior to retaking the test. If students are absent during the March IREAD3 testing window they will be required to take the test in the summer. Please try not to schedule vacations or doctor/dental appointments during the testing periods. If an appointment must be scheduled, please try to schedule it during the second week of the ISTEP+ testing window in the afternoons and on the last day of IREAD during the afternoon.

Snacks: Your child is welcome to bring a healthy snack to have at our Bobcat Break. Please do not send candy or chips for your child to eat during this time.

Encore Classes: Monday - Library; Tuesday – Music; Wednesday – Art; Thursday – P.E., and Friday – Computer Lab. All encore classes are from 1:15-1:55.

Parent Support: You are the most important person in your child’s life. When you stress to your child that his/her education is of great importance to you, he/she takes it more seriously as well.Be adamant that your child completes his/her work, including homework, to the best of his/her ability. Lavish on the praise when your child demonstrates he/she is working hard. Address any academic or behavior concerns with your child.  Let your child know that we are working together to ensure he/she has a wonderful year!

Questions/Concerns: Please contact me whenever you have a question or a concern. It is by working together that we will ensure your child has a great year! You can reach me by email at raj@vigoschools.org, call me at 812-462-4307, or send in a note. I try my best to respond within 24 hours. If you email me over the weekend, it is possible I will not receive your email until Monday. If you need to get a message to your child during the day, please call the front office as I probably won’t see your email until after school. I would hate for your child to miss an important message.

I hope you will find my web page helpful. I have tried to include as much information as possible to help you feel informed about your child’s education.

I am looking forward to a great year. By working together, we can make certain that your child has a terrific year!


Rose Ann Moreland

Homework Policy

Mrs. Kennedy

Why I assign homework:

I believe homework is important because it is a valuable aid in helping students to make the most of their school experience.  Homework reinforces previously taught skills and prepares students for upcoming lessons.  Overall, homework teaches responsibility and helps students to develop positive study habits.

When homework will be assigned:

Homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday. All assignments are copied daily in a homework assignment book. Assignments should take student about 30 minutes to complete. This is not including the assigned reading of 30 minutes or more daily. This also does not include, studying for tests, finishing special projects or completing class work that may need additional time. Spelling tests will be given every Friday.  Math tests will be given after the completion of every math unit.  A pre-test will always be sent home the day before a math test is administered.

Student’s homework responsibilities:

I expect students to do their best job when completing homework.  I expect homework assignments to be copied and completed neatly.  I expect students to do the work assigned on their own and only to ask for help after they have given their best effort.  I require that all assignments are turned in on time.

Teacher’s homework responsibilities:

My assistant will check all homework.  This does not mean that a grade will be assigned just that it will be reviewed for completion.  If a student’s homework reflects a lack of understanding of a concept or skill I am informed and try to meet with that student or students for a skill review that same day.  Homework is not used for assessment purposes.

Parent’s homework responsibilities:

Parents are the key to making homework a positive experience for their children.  I am asking that parents make homework a top priority, provide necessary supplies and a quiet work environment.  Also set a daily homework time and provide praise and support as appropriate. Parents are to sign or initial student’s homework assignment books each night upon completion of the assignment.  This reinforces that the value of homework is important to the parents as well.

If students do not complete homework:

If students choose not to complete and turn in their homework on time, they will loose a portion of their recess for the day for homework completion and in addition must give five Kennedy cards.  If homework is consistently forgotten or incomplete, parents will be notified.

If there is a legitimate reason why a student is not able to finish homework, please send a note on the day the assignment is due.  The note must be signed by a parent.


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