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The world is rapidly changing, and our children will be working in jobs that currently do not exist. Our greatest responsibility is to equip our children with the ability to problem-solve, explore meaning, crave knowledge, pursue innovation and embrace challenges. We need to empower our students and staff members to become “architects of their own future.”

Union Middle School is at the forefront of this paradigm shift by enhancing and increasing opportunities for self-directed learning and inquiry in the arts, sciences, academics, career and life skills. Our courses will focus on creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication skills (4Cs), which are vital to success in a globally competitive world.

Union Middle School is a diverse and very successful 7-8 middle school originally built in 1892. It is recognized as a vibrant learning center where young learners are taught and guided by a professional staff whose primary mission is to provide an educational environment that is innovative, challenging and nurturing. We have approximately 400 students with a class size of 25 or fewer students per class. Union Middle School believes that, through technologies, comprehensive curricula, and project-based learning, your child will be provided with many different avenues in the pursuit of educational excellence.

Technology plays a vital role within the education of all our students. We are currently implementing a blended curriculum throughout the district. Teachers, students and administrators are working together to share and receive ideas through technology driven platforms such as Google Apps. We are also utilizing websites such as Newsela, Edcite, Illustrative Mathematics and Readworks to assign online articles and activities. Students incorporate online tools to enhance mind mapping and brainstorming session to collaborate and inspire creative thinking. Our zSpace lab augments virtual reality that allows out students to seamlessly work with the visualization of data in three dimensions. The zSpace components create an immersive realistic interaction in which data that appears as a “real object” can be viewed, manipulated, analyzed, and shared. Additionally, we have created a makers space in collaboration with the Maker Depot Academy. Our maker space is a dedicated section of the UMS library with tools, equipment and technology where students can create and collaborate on various projects. Our 3D printers enable the production of tangible visual representations and give our students the opportunity to bring their creative ideas to life by developing a physical product. The school’s computer lab and library is equipped with a classroom set of Macintosh computers. In addition, we have Chrome Books, document cameras, iPads and laptop computers that are utilized in all disciplines throughout the school. The majority of our classrooms have SMART Boards, which allow students to play a more interactive role in their education. They may visit any place throughout the world, travel to planets, become part of any ecosystem, or enter the human body. We provide education through experience and interaction.

Technology is also used to assist parents. The parents in grades six through twelve may access the “Parent Portal.” This allows parents to view a child’s status at any time. It will show current grades and homework completion. At all grade levels, our teachers Google websites. The websites are updated on a daily or weekly basis that allows parents to check homework or projects assigned by the teacher. By doing this, a parent can prevent their child from falling behind the rest of the class. Report cards can also be viewed electronically.

Union Middle School participates in the National Junior Honor Society. The National Junior Honor Society is more than just an honor roll; this premier organization serves to honor students in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, character and citizenship. The National Junior Honor Society at Union School has a peer-tutoring program that is offered during each lunch period.

Union School offers additional challenges through participation in local and national contests such as the Science and Mathematics Olympiads. Our 7th and 8th grade students have performed well on state mandated tests. Much of our success is the result of early detection of academic needs determined by diagnostic tools, scientific-based interventions, differentiated instruction and data analyses.

We are pleased to announce Union School PTA’s Bulldog Holiday School Spirit Apparel Sale!

Display your Rutherford Bulldog pride, while supporting our school! This is an online store that allows students, teachers, parents, alumni, family, and friends to order Rutherford Bulldog apparel items, just in time for the cold-weather months! Whether it’s spirit wear for you, or personalized gifts for others, we offer a collection of unique, high-quality, Bulldog apparel.

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The sale starts Tuesday, November 14th, and will end at 11:59pm, on November 29th. All orders will be delivered to the students at school on or before December 19th.

If you have any questions, or problems ordering online, please contact Union School’s Spirit Wear Sale Chairperson, Erin Petrosino, via email: erinpetrosino@aol.com.

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