Dissertation Construction Ethics

In this paper, a pilot study on the commissioning processes in Norwegian construction projects is reported upon. The study was undertaken in order to address both the general questions of ethics in construction project management, and more specific questions pertaining to the commissioning phase of such projects. In addition to a literature review and a documentation study, 13 semi-structured interviews were carried out according to a qualitative approach. Four of these were general in nature (with clients) and nine case-specific (with client, contractor and user representatives). Based on the results, a description of ethical challenges in commissioning in construction is established. The findings indicate that a commissioning process poses significant challenges in light of hidden agendas and power play among actors. Clients and contractors tend to be systematically suspicious of one another. Major costs in play reinforce this. The findings included the signs of actors repetitively utilising the complexity involved in the commissioning phase for own benefit at the expense of other actors, which is relevant for both clients and contractors. Further research is needed in order to clarify the challenges involved and to develop appropriate measures to address these challenges.

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