Drupal 7 Views Node Id Argument Essay

What would I need to do to pass the node id from a View Block to an associated Views Attachment for use in the filters in the Attachment View so that both operate on same content node id?

My specific example is for generating preview/teaser output from a media gallery with a certain tag:

  1. The title of the latest gallery with that tag
  2. The latest 3 thumbnails of that gallery

(I know how to build a block view to fetch thumbnails from galleries (i.e plural) that have a certain tag - my solution is here: https://drupal.stackexchange.com/a/13559/1082 I am using the Acquia Media module)

BUT what I don't know how to do is to get the title latest gallery (singular) with a certain tag followed by the latest 3 thumbnails of that gallery.

I attempted to create a block view that fetched the title of the gallery with the certain tag and I also created an view attachment to fetch the thumbnails of that gallery. But I could not work out how to pass the node id of the gallery from the block view to the attachment for it to use in its filters when fetching the thumbnails.

I tried various options including enabling the attachment to inherit arguments and filters from the block view and also contextual filters but no success so far.

Further to this, I may wish to out put more than one gallery in the teaser/preview but if I set the count to more than one on the view block I get the other gallery titles listed together followed by the thumbnails. I would want each gallery in turn to display the title followed by thumbnails that belong to it.

I would prefer to do this all withing Views i.e. not have to use PHP. I would want the solution to be as forward compatible as possible, i.e. not break with future updates - if we can stay within Views then the migration to those might be easier.


Currently I've got a content type in Drupal that is a list of fields that must be filled out. To then sort that content and display it, I have a View created that imports all the fields from that content type and filters by published and node type.

This view has a URL and an argument set up that filters those results based on one of the content fields, not taxonomy. For example, I am declaring whether these records are 'current' or 'past' and the argument is set, now, so that if a user types URL/current or URL/past they will see the view display the respective content, be it past or current.

My objective here is to create a panel that will display this view in one pane and on the left hand pane, have a navigation list with links to URL/past URL/current etc. which will link to the same panel page only with an argument. This argument can then be passed down to the view, changing it respectively.

Is this possible- if so, how? I have worked on this issue for several days and the resources I come across are all several years old and non-helpful. Thank you.


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