Note Cards For Research Paper Powerpoint Elementary

Lesson Topic:

·Note Cards

Learning Objectives:What should students be able to do at the end of this lesson?

·The student will write 50 note cards, plus 4 sources cards for their research paper.


Materials Needed:


·Steps PPT

Level of Bloom’s Taxonomy:


Background information: what do I need to know to teach this lesson?

Instructional Procedures:How will I…?

…recall prior relevant information?Make connections to prior learning?


….present new material?

·Begin the lesson by having students put the 4 sources they are using on their desk (including encyclopedia).If they are having to share an encyclopedia with another students that is okay – they can just share as needed.

·Go to first page of step 5 in Steps PPT and make source notecards with the students.Make these “notecards†up on the chart paper so that the students can see what you are doing.Go through each type of source required together.Start with the Encyclopedia because everyone has to have an encyclopedia.Use the A encyclopedia for an example because of the apple example you are working from.Show the students how to number this notecard source 1 and then fill in required information.Continue this procedure with the book, the periodical and the online source.

·Next go through the next three slides just to give an overview and watch the paraphrasing video.Then give the students the notecard handout and begin heading a few notecards with the students.Work with the book source for each student and your book source on apples.Show the students how to read the book and then determine which of our three subcategories the information goes with and determine if it supports my thesis statement.Show the student how to write the information on the card.

·Then show the students how to stack the cards by topic so that they are in order for the outline.

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