Food Inc Video Assignments Sheets For Absence Student

Food and Nutrition Syllabus

Welcome to Food and Nutrition! This semester will be full of exciting experiences. We will explore what it means to make healthy food choices – using the 2010 Dietary Guidelines, MyPlate, and other resources. Throughout this course, you will be learning about kitchen safety, recipes, food preparation, making smart food choices, and the chemicals that make up food. The really fun part is that we will apply this learning to several food lab experiences. Keep in mind that following our “Really Important Rules” will make lab experiences more enjoyable and more frequent.


We will also likely have the opportunity to open the “Snack Shop” and sell our own healthy snacks to other students.

“Really Important Rules”

  1. Act like Ladies and Gents!
  2. Follow Directions!
  3. Contribute!

If an individual chooses not to follow class expectations, that person will receive a warning from the teacher that is recorded. Repeated behaviors will result in an alternate assignment, removal from the classroom, a call home, and/or a meeting with the South View Administration.


While having fun is encouraged, any students that are off-task or acting in a way that is a danger to other students will be removed from the food lab(s).

What to bring to class

Always come to class with:
  • paper
  • a writing utensil
  • any homework due that day (not often)
  • your naturally upbeat, energetic, and helpful self
  • NEXT CLASS HAVE A FOODS FOLDER (Can be stored in room)
Students are encouraged to keep a folder in class that contains study information and recipes.



Lab experiences offer you a valuable opportunity to interact and apply information with your peers. These are important days and it is advised that appointments and absences are scheduled around food labs, when possible.


If a student is absent on a food lab day, they will have the opportunity to make the lab up at home. Use the green “make-up” sheet. It is available in your foods folder or on Edline.


Students are expected to clean up after all food labs. Each student is allowed one missed lab without penalty during the semester. You MUST tell teacher that you are taking a “free lab”.



Anytime you are absent from class, it is your responsibility to find out what work needs to be made up. I will try to put materials missed in your foods folder. Be sure to complete a green make-up lab sheet if you missed a food lab.


Late work

Assignments received on the due date will receive full credit.


Late assignments will lose credit for each late class period. Turning in late work is disruptive when we have moved on to a new topic, so turn it in on time.

If you are absent, you will be allowed one week to make up any missed work without penalty for an excused absence.



Be to class on time. Tardies are recorded and you will stay after class the amount of time you are late. 3Tardies = lunch with me or in the office.


Your grade will be based on total points achieved. Formative assessments are 10% of the grade (daily work) and summative assessments make up 90% of grade (quizzes, food labs, projects, snack shop). School View grades will be updated approximately every 2 weeks on Fridays at minimum.


Please share this information with your parent / guardian and have them sign it. Bring this, as your first assignment, on the next class period.


Thank you,

Carissa McCartan (Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher)
Student Name: ___________________________________________________
Parent Signature X ________________________________________________

The following lesson plans utilizes the film Food, Inc., a documentary that examines food in the United States and the industry that produces it.

These lesson plans comprise a unit that uses film as a learning tool in the subject areas of Economics, Civics, Current Events, U.S. History, Health and Language Arts, and are written for grades 6-12.

POV documentaries can be recorded off-the-air and used for educational purposes for up to one year from their initial broadcast. In addition, POV offers a lending library of DVDs that you can borrow any time during the school year -- FOR FREE! Get started by joining our Community Network.

Lesson #1: Evaluating Information on Food Labels
In this lesson, students can use these materials to explore what consumers should be able to learn about food from Nutrition Facts panels.


Lesson #2: U.S. Agricultural Subsidies and Nutrition
Classrooms can use this lesson plan to investigate how agricultural subsidies influence food choices, health and the economy.


Lesson #3: The Impact of Genetically Modified Seeds
This lesson plan explores the benefits and controversies of using genetically modified seeds.

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