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Teacher Cover Letter

Customize the teacher cover letter for your own use.

This cover letter can be sent with your resume in response to a specific teaching job opening. Adapt the letter according to the requirements of the teaching job you are applying for. Highlight your teaching strengths and areas of expertise as they relate to the needs of the district.

Focus on the reasons why you are a good and enthusiastic candidate for the teaching job opportunity. Motivate the employer to take your application to the next level of the hiring process.

Teacher Cover Letter

Your name
Your address
Your contact details(phone and email)


Mrs Joan Jackson
Human Resources Manager
Worcester School District
21 Irving Street
Worcester, MA 01609

Dear Mrs Jackson

I read about the Elementary Teacher position advertised on with great interest as my qualifications and experience closely match your requirements. Therefore, please accept my resume for your review and consideration and allow me to briefly explain how I can contribute to your district.

Since graduating eight years ago with a Bachelor of Arts degree with a specialization in both early childhood and elementary education I have worked in a variety of educational settings. I have developed many valuable skills while teaching diverse groups of students including both children with learning disabilities and gifted children. I am adept at individualizing the curriculum to meet each child's different needs and designing resourceful lesson plans that accommodate differing learning abilities and interests.

I enjoy being creative and utilizing new ideas and approaches to improve the learning environment for my students. I have incorporated a variety of hands on activities, fun manipulatives and learning projects to inspire and motivate the students. This also includes the innovative integration of technology across the curriculum.

I am passionate about empowering elementary school children and helping them to develop their full potential. Part of this process includes close interaction with parents to encourage participation and reinforce learning in the home while building the child's self esteem and confidence.

I am well aware of the high standards of your district and it would be a wonderful challenge for me to be part of your school staff. I look forward to discussing this opportunity with you at your earliest convenience. Please feel free to contact me via phone or e-mail.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with you soon.


Tania Teacher

Your teacher cover letter should clearly demonstrate your enthusiasm for teaching and your ability to communicate. Highlight a couple of key strengths that make you the right job candidate. Use this guide to find out your strengths.

Clearly present your areas of expertise and come across as a professional and committed teaching job candidate.

Include why you are interested in that particular age group and that specific school district. Use clear and direct language and carefully proofread your letter.

Helpful teacher cover letter tips.

Use this sample teacher resume to develop your own convincing resume

Entry Level Teacher Resume

Teaching Resume Objective

Art Teacher Resume

Assistant Teacher Resume

This comprehensive teacher job description provides further help for developing your cover letter and resume.

The kindergarten teacher job description can be used for teachers in the kindergarten phase.

The detailed job description for a special education teacher is another useful resource.

Art Teacher Job Description

Your Teacher Job Interview

It is important to make sure your teacher portfolio is current and ready for presentation when you are involved in a job search.

Be well prepared for your teacher job interview. View the interview as an opportunity to set yourself apart from the competition.

Go through these sample teacher interview questions and answers and be ready to confidently handle your interview.

If you are going for a special education teacher job interview, use these sample interview questions to prepare.

Find excellent teaching job resources to help you in your job search.

Teacher interview thank you letter

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Use the search box to find exactly what you are looking for.

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Applying for a Position

The Initial Contact

When you decide to apply for a position, it helps to have made contact or have a relationship with the principal, deputy principal, or head of department before sending in your application. The principal of a major school is unlikely to be able to spend time with every applicant who wants to meet him/her. You are likely to deal with the principal’s PA who may see that putting you in touch with the principal is in the best interests of the school. It’s a good idea to phone the school to make an appointment to meet with the principal. If he/she isn’t available, ask to meet with the deputy principal, or head of department for the position you’re seeking.

It’s an ideal opportunity to ask important questions about the role and the school such as what levels you’d be teaching, what the school’s policy is regarding professional development, what particular curriculum emphasis the school pursues, as well as highlighting the contribution you‘ll be able to make to their school. This may be your only opportunity to impress a decision-maker before a shortlist of applicants is made. If you can convince an HoD that you can add value to their department, they are likely to want you on the interview shortlist. Be careful not to take up too much time if you visit.

Also remember that you’re interviewing the school as well.

Your CV

A quality CV is important to your chances of getting through to the next stage of the recruitment process (The Interview). It’s often a first impression so make sure your CV is clear and uncluttered. Your CV should:

  • be brief – ideally two to three pages, not more than four pages
  • include at the beginning - your contact details, qualifications, teaching experience (or placements) starting with your most recent, working backwards
  • demonstrate how certain aspects of your most recent role/s or placements relate to the position being applied for....examples of your successes and what you achieved on your practicums or in teaching will work most effectively
  • highlight your particular skills and strengths
  • include work experience within the last 10 years (no longer unless it’s particularly relevant to the role you’re applying for)
  • include referees who have seen you teach
  • use testimonials or quotes from your lecturers.

If you're seeking your first teaching position (a graduate from 2010 or later), and you're a New Zealand resident, you can receive a sample CV template: simply email Education Personnel, Like Education Personnel on Facebook and send a private message, or attend a Job Find seminar.

Your Cover Letter/Email

Your cover letter or email (either is usually acceptable) is very important to your chances of getting through to the interview, particularly if you don’t have a lot of teaching experience. The cover letter is where you need to 'tell your story' to the interview panel.

Research the school – you need to know about them and you’re aiming to impress. Doing your research upfront can make a big difference. A school's Education Review Office (ERO) report is a quick and easy place to find information about the school. Check the school’s website – learn about what’s important to them. You could also ring the school’s relevant management team member and ask questions about the school and position prior to the interview. This shows the school that you’re conscientious and proactive.

In your cover letter/email explain how the experiences you have, both teaching and non-teaching, are relevant and important for this role. Focus on your particular strengths and skills and provide any other information on why you’d be an asset to their school eg, a love of coaching sports, taking extra curricular drama clubs, kapa haka etc.

Keep it brief; try and keep your letter to one printed page or 4-5 paragraphs in an email message. Always tailor each application (CV and cover letter) to the position you’re applying for. It’s clear to management staff and recruitment agencies when this hasn’t been done.

Template cover letters are provided as part of the Job Find seminars.

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