It 242 Week 6 Assignment Router And Switch Configuration Diagram

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The backup does not include the management IP address configuration. Thus, when you recover a backup file, the management address is not replaced from the backup copy. This ensures that any changes you made to the address are preserved, and also makes it possible to restore the configuration on a different device on a different network segment.

Backups include the configuration only, and not the system software. If you need to completely reimage the device, you need to reinstall the software, then you can upload a backup and recover the configuration.

The configuration database is locked during backup. You cannot make configuration changes during a backup, although you can view policies, dashboards, and so forth. During a restore, the system is completely unavailable.

The table on the Backup and Restore page lists all existing backup copies that are available on the system, including the file name of the backup, the date and time it was created, and the file size. The type of backup (manual, scheduled, or recurring) is based on how you directed the system to create that backup copy.


Backup copies are created on the system itself. You must manually download backup copies and store them on secure servers to ensure that you have the backup copies you need for disaster recovery.

The following topics explain how to manage backup and restore operations.

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