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In our classrooms attendance is so important. Not every student is able to be at school everyday though, so it's important to have them make up the learning that they missed. It gives them practice with the skills, and trains them to be responsible.

Included in this product:
*2 Folder Covers (B/W and Color)
*4 Graphic Organizers filled in with subjects (BW and Color)
*4 Blank Graphic Organizers (BW and Color)

Folder covers can be glued onto any folder. It's easy to put it on the absent student's desk and it can collect the absent work. I find putting the work in the folder helps keep papers from disappearing.

Graphic Organizers make it easy for another student to write down the missing work. It helps students to remember to write everything down.

I hope this helps you in your classroom. Please visit my blog to see what's happening in my own classroom.

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