Shutter Speed Photography Assignment Rubric






- Photo thoroughly

address the theme/topic or subject

- Tells a compelling story

related to topic theme

(personal, emotional,

powerful, etc.)

- Thorough evidence of

imagination, creativity, or


- Photo somewhat

addresses the theme

- Tells a story related to

designated topic

- Some evidence of

imagination, creativity, or

thoughtfulness in relation to the theme.

- Weak connection to the


- Difficult to ascertain theme/subject

- Vague story

- Limited evidence of

imagination, creativity, or


- Weak to no connection to the


- Unclear or no real story – pictures seem random

- Limited evidence of imagination, creativity, or thoughtfulness

- Unable to ascertain subject/theme



(Lines, Rule of Thirds, Balance, Framing, Mergers, Cropping, Viewpoint, Angles and Perspective)



Strong composition because of layout and placement of camera to model as well as effective usage of composition techniques. Your varied angles and perspectives prove you were creatively and insightfully considering your subject.

Image composition has potential, but other angles, focal lengths, positioning of subjects and use of composition techniques will improve image. You vary your angles and perspectives, proving to me you were thinking creatively about your subject. Nicely done.      

Composition lacking some basic techniques. There are some pictures here that could have been more creatively displayed with some variance in angle and technique. 

The images are shot in a plain manner, distracting from the composition and leaving image stagnant.  Backgrounds are busy or distract from the focus of the image.  Little to no consideration of basic photographic composition techniques.      


Image Quality

(focus, depth)



- Focus and depth of field all contribute to a powerful product

- Image quality of the

photograph draws a

connection (emotional

response) from the audience. Picture is focused as intended.

- Focus and depth of field somewhat contribute to a powerful product

- Image quality of the

photograph draws a limited

connection (emotional

response) from the audience

- Focus and depth of field do not

contribute to a powerful

product; slightly out of focus subject

- Image quality of the

photograph does not draw a

connection (emotional

response) from the audience

Images are not properly focused. Images have not been corrected in Photoshop for colorcast, sharpness, and clone-stamp out distracting elements of image. Focus and

depth of field do not follow project guidelines; image out of focus, etc.


aperture and shutter speed 

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"A still photograph is called a still photograph because the picture doesn’t move, not because the objects in the picture are not in motion. The photographer's mission, should he decide to accept it, is to capture motion with stillness. " - Vincent Versace

​A Day - October 2nd
B Day - October 3rd

Contact Sheet 1 : 
  • 24 photographs on your contact sheet
  •  12 photographs showing selective focus/shallow depth of field (aka large aperture f1.2, f2, f4, ) 
  • 12 photographs showing greater depth of field (aka small aperture f11, f16, f22, f32)
Contact Sheet 2 : 
  • 24 photographs on your contact sheet
  •  12 photographs showing freezing motion (aka fast shutter speed 1/250 1/500, 1/1000)
  • 12 photographs showing captured/blurred motion (aka slower shutter speed 1/30, 1/15, 1/8)
 8 Final Photographs :
  •  2  Examples from each category ( 1. Selective Focus, 2. Greater Depth of Field, 3. Freezing Motion, 4. Motion Blurred/Captured)

This assignment divides itself between APERTURE and SHUTTER SPEED control. However, in selecting one, you need to adjust the other to maintain the correct exposure.

SELECTIVE FOCUS/ SHALLOW DEPTH OF FIELD:  Create an interesting composition utilizing shallow depth of field. This will isolate a subject (or part of a subject) from the rest of your composition. A combination of large aperture (f 1.2, 1.4, 1.8, 2.0, 2.8, 4.0) with very short camera to subject distance will minimize depth of field.

GREATER DEPTH OF FIELD:  Create a composition in which two or more subjects, at different distances from the camera, are in acceptable focus.  Focus between your subjects, using a small aperture (f11, f16 or f22). You will need a lot of light and may need to shoot this part outdoors.

MOTION BLURRED: Using a slow shutter speed (1/15 or slower), create an interesting composition in which a subject’s (or part of a subject’s) movement is blurred. You will need a tripod for this part of the assignment.

 MOTION FROZEN: Using a shutter speed of 1/250 or faster, at a distance of 2-10 ft, create an interesting composition that freezes the motion of a rapidly moving subject. You will need enough light to shoot at a fast shutter speed.

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